Tips for Using Instagram to Promote Your Business during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Is your business hit by the coronavirus pandemic? Do you want to expand your business through social media? Yes, your Instagram account is a powerful marketing option for business growth. You should realize the potential of Instagram and make the most out of it.

If you look at it closely, it is not an ordinary leisure platform. The world of colorful photographs and short videos is indeed the most compelling advertisement platform you will ever come across. In a way, your Instagram followers are also potential customers. It offers multiple options for putting across your content for persuading your customers. Instagram as a marketing tool is free yet very powerful. Let us explore some tips for your business promotion through Instagram.

Instagram marketing – Turning a crisis into an opportunity

The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns changed our lifestyles. It has hit businesses as well. But the power of social media could transform this into a great opportunity. Across the globe, local businesses could continue operations with the help of social media, especially Instagram. As per reports, during the lockdown, there was a 25% increase in user engagement on platforms such as Instagram.
Additionally, the growth in marketing content is around 72%. Your local business can benefit a lot from Instagram marketing. A loyal set of Instagram followers is the key tool for seizing this opportunity. In short, every Instagram like is a potential lead for your product/service sales.
From homemade food to trendy clothes, multiple small businesses benefit from Instagram. You can also reach out to your prospective customers through this platform. Thorough knowledge of various post options on Instagram will help you to maximize its use. This, in combination with proper brand creation, will fuel your business growth to a large extent. Moreover, this is a user-friendly and low-cost alternative in comparison with other marketing alternatives.

Instagram for business Introduction

From its original aspect of image sharing, the Instagram platform is now also a complete marketing companion. Small and household businesses find it a very accessible option that can connect with many people. In the present scenario, local businesses use it as a primary source for product launches, marketing, and sales campaigns. Most such businesses work in the segment of fashion, food, and lifestyle products and services. If you want to achieve business growth using the Instagram platform, understanding these features will be very helpful.

Business-friendly features on Instagram

The business-friendly features on Instagram are as follows:

    • Business Profile: Instagram has an option for creating a business profile that is linked with Facebook. This offers special features such as an ads manager for promotional campaigns.
    • A Catchy Bio: Instagram bio section is your main identity. Once a customer likes your product, then the next step is verifying your credibility. A well-written bio with proper hyperlinks and contact details makes it authentic.
    • Stories: Insta stories are a great way to quickly connect with your followers. You can flash new updates and promotions with very little text. It is also a very interactive feature.
    • Instagram Live: this feature makes you a celebrity with live interaction with your followers.
    • IGTV: beyond Insta stories, IGTV helps you to post long-format video content. Use this feature to tell the story of your brand and behind the scenes from your product making.
    • Posts: normal Instagram posts let you spread the word with your Instagram followers. Your followers can like and share them. Multiple Instagram likes will increase the visibility of your post. 
    • Direct Message: the private messaging service is a great tool to interact with your prospective customers. You can discuss bulk discounts, special pricing, etc. It is also an apt place for receiving customer feedback.

Tips for business promotion through Instagram

Social media presence is your business’s virtual identity. With the pandemic, the line between online and offline identity is fast shrinking. You need to cement your online business identity by keeping up with the latest trends.

1. Consistent Brand Building : Having a lot of Instagram followers is always good for your business. They can be converted successfully into your customers only when you post regularly into their feeds. Ensure that you have good brand identity materials such as captions, logos, and related creative material. Follow particular color schemes and themes so that people recall your brand. Brand recall is a major factor that determines your business growth. Always follow a proper schedule for posting content. You can make use of services that offer real Instagram followers for a small fee.

2. Quality Content : Constantly put up high-quality photos and videos in your feed. Overall it can come together to create a compelling narrative about your business. Always use a professional camera to capture your content. Being a visual platform, it is always advisable to use minimal text. Make sure that your photo or video itself communicates with the customer. Plan and schedule your content in multiple formats that can be used in posts, IGTV, stories, etc. Let your post bring in more Instagram likes and obtain enough visibility. Remember that on Instagram, the CTA (call to action) is your photo or video. The content should be so engaging that the customer takes a buying decision at the first glimpse.

3. Hashtag Promotions : Hashtags are a great way to promote your business. You can explore the trending hashtags concerning your product. Using appropriate hashtags increases the visibility of your posts. A hashtag campaign is also effective for post promotions. This can be done by engaging your customers to post about your product using a particular hashtag. You can arrange giveaways and small gifts for people selected from this list. This will encourage more people to participate in the hashtag campaign.

4. Constant Engagement with Followers : For successful business promotion, you should know the preferences of your followers very well. Naturally, every Instagram follower expects a quick response from their connections. For an Instagram business profile, instant response is of utmost importance. Every Instagram page follower considers this a sign of genuineness. In the absence of customer helplines and toll-free numbers, Instagram messages can act as a customer care response. You should acknowledge the likes and comments for your posts. Engaging your followers with various contests is a great way to promote your products. At regular intervals, plan hashtag and repost contests.

5. Customer Testimonials : Good feedback from your customer is the best advertisement you can ever get. Remember that it is free of cost, and you should always capitalize on it. Broadcasting positive customer sentiment can be more effective than any of your ordinary promotional posts. Identify a few of your loyal followers and request them to post a video or photo of your product. Ask them to post it tagging your business profile handle. This is going to work wonders for your brand.

6. Influencer Collaborations : The rise of influencers is a phenomenon that is unique to social media marketing. Unlike celebrities, they are common people with a huge follower list. They are very effective in promoting various products through platforms such as Instagram. There are many such influencers across multiple domains such as fashion, lifestyle, technology, etc. Pick the right influencer based on your business domain. Don’t forget to do a background check. After finalizing an influencer, plan a photoshoot or promotional collaboration with them. You can also send them your products for review or on a payment basis.

7. Use Analytics : Analytics is a great tool that can instantly tell you the effectiveness of your campaigns. With the advent of social media, it has become a common man’s tool. Various social media plugins and online tools will help understand important matrices such as engagement rate, number of likes and comments, etc. This will help you understand the patterns and preferences of your followers. In the case of deep analytics, you can take the help of agencies that decipher the hidden gems within your social media stats. It can be effectively used for future planning and content creation that is best suited for your business growth.

8. Instagram Shopping : E-commerce sites provide us the comfort of buying a product at a single click. Instagram shopping is a unique feature available on the business profile. It allows the customer to ‘click buy’ within the Instagram app. The feature also comes with separate options for product launches and promotions. This will be a very useful option for growing your business.


Instagram is a powerful tool for your business. Capitalizing on the right features on Instagram can take your business to the next level. It offers seamless connection capabilities that transcend physical boundaries. In a way, local businesses with small marketing budgets should leverage the strength of Instagram. Quality and consistent content posting will help you to reach out to the maximum number of prospective customers. But for a wider reach, you need to have a large number of Instagram followers. The organic way of increasing the follower count takes a lot of time. You can make use of websites that provide real Instagram followers for your account. This will surely boost your business growth.