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(1)What is Influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing is the process of using influencers to promote and engage with the
brand. The influencers present the brand’s content to their audience, increasing brand
awareness and helping to convert their audience into customers.

(2) What is Paid Advertising?

Paid Advertising is one of the online advertising models. Advertisers bid to
participate in real-time auctions in order to show their ads when the audience looks for
potential products. It is also called Pay-Per-Click advertising and the advertiser usually
pays every time someone clicks on their ads.

(3) What is Content Creation?

Content Creation is the process of planning and creating content that is useful, accessible
and effective for an audience and is created in relevant formats in specific channels.
Content can take many forms – blog posts, videos, eBooks, Tweet, infographics and

(4) What are B2B and B2C?

B2B(Business to Business) e-commerce utilizes online platforms to sell
products or services to other businesses.Boost10x is a B2B marketing agency that focuses
on helping, companies improve qualified demand generation and sales opportunities.

B2C(Business to Consumer) e-commerce refers to the process of selling products and
services directly between a business and consumers.Boost10x gained success in the
B2C influencer marketing industry and we’ve perfected our processes to leverage the insight from B2C to B2B.

(5)What is Account Management?

Account Management is maintaining strong relationships with customers and retaining
clients’ business. Boostenx analyzes social media audiences and develops a strategy
that’s tailored to them, creating and distributing content for social media profiles,
monitoring online conversations, collaborating with influencers, monitoring, measuring,
and reporting on social media performance and ROI(Return on Investment).