What Is Generation Alpha? How Can You Use Instagram To Get More Alpha Followers?

With the market becoming saturated with Generation Z followers, a new group of potential buyers is starting to enter the market. Welcome the new Generation Alpha, referred to the ones who were born in 2010 or later. Let us first take a look at this generation Alpha and why it is becoming increasingly important for influencers and marketers to gain the attention of this generation.

Importance of Generation Alpha

It is easy for many to term this new generation as ‘just kids.’ However, doing so could seriously hamper your chances of marketing to them and gaining their attention. Their potential and importance can be understood by the following facts about them:

  • The last alphas would be born in 2025. By the time that happens, their number would increase to two million globally.
  • Generation Alpha is the wealthiest and the most formally educated generation of all the generations now.
  • They have a high influencing power on the purchase decisions of not just their own homes but also of their friends.
  • They are the kids of the ‘millennials’ generation who have now entered their prime spending years.

Now that you are convinced of the importance of gaining Generation Alpha followers on Instagram, let us now look at some important tips that need to be kept in mind.

Tips to be kept in mind

Following are some important pointers that need to be kept in mind when devising a strategy to gain more generation Alpha followers on Instagram:

  • They have been born and brought up in a world of social media. They had never known a world without social media, unlike the millennials, who still remember a time when it wasn’t available. Younger generations are more likely to be found on Instagram rather than Facebook or Twitter.
  • Since their love affair with technology started at a very young age, generation alpha is more likely to watch streaming services rather than TV. To grab their attention, augmented reality features are a great way. Linking additional information about other users rather than another website also helps in driving their purchase decisions.
  • They are born influencers and are already paying attention to other influencers. Even though influencer marketing was invented by millennials, these kids have already They are born influencers and are already paying attention to other influencers. Even though influencer marketing was invented by millennials, these kids have already perfected the art of the same.

Ways to get more Gen Alpha followers on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels in the current generation. Let us take you through a brief overview of some ways through which you can get more Instagram followers from this gen.

  • 1. Interview and research: As with any other population demographic, ample research needs to be done by interviewing kids to better understand them. This helps in creating a persona based on their psychographic makeup. This is an important part of the influencer space as it showcases their purchasing power. This, in turn, becomes an important guide in the marketing strategies of the companies.
  • 2. Experimentation with Instagram Video: According to a popular survey, most of the respondents of this age group admitted to watching YouTube videos at least once a day, either for information or fun. This is why the contextual rise of the popular YouTubers with content appealing specifically to this generation. For those interested in marketing and gaining more followers on Instagram, video content is a great option. Do make sure that the subject of the video is a Gen alpha’er. This will help in engaging with your target demographics in a better way.
  • 3. Investment in Instagram Analytics: To understand the performance of your Instagram content and channel, do invest in the right analytics. While Instagram itself offers certain analytics features, there are several other third-party platforms that also help you in your endeavor to reach out to your target audience. The importance of these analytics can hardly be undermined. In fact, there are certain tools that even can find the ideal time to post to reach and get more Instagram followers. Others help track the performance of specific content so that you can understand what resonates and what does not with Generation Alpha.
  • 4. Collaborating with other influencers: There are already several Gen alpha influencers popular amongst their peer group whose accounts are managed by their millennial parents. Their popularity can be gauged by the fact that more than half the children between ages six and 16, during a survey, admitted to buying a product influenced by their favorite Instagram followers. Finding and collaborating with an influencer who is a bona fide celebrity in your target group will help you connect to an otherwise hard-to-reach generation demographic.
  • 5. Creating mobile-first content: This is especially for those brands who are trying to connect to this upcoming age group. Gen alpha is the mobile-first generation who has been using a smartphone from very early on. To drive them to your company website from your Instagram handle, it is important to optimize your website for the mobile platform. If this is not done, then the Generation Alpha follower who has reached the website through Instagram will find the experience unpleasant and leave.
  • 6. Positive vision: Do remember that whatever this generation watches is closely monitored by their millennial parents. They are concerned about the impact of these social media channels on their kids. They care about their kids making a difference when they grow up, and they prefer brands that care for the same too. To appeal to your target audience, create content that offers a clear and positive vision of how the brand intends to help them make the world a better place.
  • 7. Cross-promotion on YouTube: As discussed earlier, Generation alpha has grown up watching YouTube videos for both education and fun. It is their first and foremost go-to platform. Brands and influencers looking to grow their real Instagram followers from this generation should also pay attention to this. They should invest in creating YouTube content so that they meet their target group at a place they are most likely to hang out.
  • 8. Educate your followers: Since generation Alpha is still in the growing up phase, their education is still going on. The content they watch is closely monitored by their millennial parents. Therefore, it makes sense for the brands and influencers to use their Instagram handle to educate their followers regarding their service or product in an unbiased and informative way.
  • 9. Mine other brands for inspiration: There are certain brands and influencers that are most popular among the members of Gen Alpha. For example, brands like YouTube, Oreo, Doritos, and Nike top the list. Analyze and research the content shared by these brands on their Instagram and consider making them your ideal. Making similar choices, albeit related to your own industry, will help you tap into their interest area.

Things to keep in mind

Social media plays an important role in guiding the habits and purchase choices of Gen Alpha. Even though peers remain the top-most influential factors, social media is not very far off. 25% of this generation respondents in a survey reported wanting to buy what their favorite influencer said on their channel. Videos are considered to be the most persuasive format for pushing a certain message across. However, do remember not to focus too heavily on self-promotion.

  • You need to be viewed as a brand that cares for more than making money. After all, parents of Gen alpha look for content that helps in informing and entertaining their kids while supporting a social cause.
  • You can even try to include stories about other people. Sharing sites never get old and also inspires meaningful discussions and conversations.
  • Another thing that you need to avoid doing is faking the number of Instagram likes or followers. This is an outdated social media engagement strategy that can throw off your data and even get you banned from the platform. They defeat the purpose of social media marketing and can compromise your reputation. Instead, focus on reliable analytics so that you can discover the motivations of your audience.
  • Do not let Facebook and YouTube become your entire world. Remember, they are just additions to your Instagram handle.
  • Do ensure that your brand image is that of a multicultural and inclusive brand. This will avoid the risk of losing young audiences of different cultures and personalities.

As Generation Alpha is taking over the global social media channels, Instagram influencers worldwide need to make certain changes in their social content. This will help them in capturing the attention of this ever-elusive group. People and brands that keep updating their social media approach can win over this generation easily and reap the rewards in the near future.

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