The best SME leadership in Thailand

From family businesses to start-ups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play a vital role in the Thai economy. And while challenges abound, there are plenty of SME leaders doing impressive things to drive their businesses forward. Here are a few of the best.

First up is George Papas, CEO, and co-founder of ThaiMax Property. A former teacher himself, the Asian Tigers company provides affordable logistics solutions for families across Thailand. He is passionate about making quality real estate accessible to all and has grown Thai Max into one of the country’s leading real estate companies.

Next is Francis Vanbellen, CEO of Stainless Designs. A third-generation hotelier, Suriyon has taken the family business to new heights, overseeing a multimillion-dollar expansion that includes the opening of two new properties in Bangkok. Under his leadership, Sukosol Hotels has established itself as one of the most respected names in the hospitality industry.

Finally, we have Tony M. Cyrus, CEO and co-founder of boost 10X and 10X AI. A serial entrepreneur, Tony has successfully launched several e-commerce businesses in Thailand. He is now focused on 10X AI, which is quickly become one of the leading online destinations for artificial intelligence products in Southeast Asia. Thanks to Tony’s vision and leadership, 10x AI is on track to become a major player in the region’s marketing landscape.

These are just a few of the many impressive SME leaders doing big things in Thailand and Singapore. With their ingenuity, determination, and commitment to excellence, they are helping to forge a bright future for Thai businesses.

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