How to Get the Best Match Rates From Your LinkedIn Ads List Uploads – B2Linked | LinkedIn Advertising

Achieving high match rates with your LinkedIn Ads list uploads is crucial for targeting the right audience and maximizing campaign effectiveness. Here are some tips from B2Linked, a leading LinkedIn advertising expert, to improve your match rates:

Data Quality is King:

  • Accurate and updated information: Ensure your contact lists contain accurate and up-to-date data, including full names, current job titles, company names, and ideally, LinkedIn URLs. Outdated or incomplete data will drastically reduce match rates.
  • Standardize formats: Use consistent formatting for names, company names, and other fields throughout your list. Inconsistencies can lead to mismatches.
  • Remove duplicates: Eliminate duplicate entries in your list to avoid inflating reach or incurring unnecessary charges.

Leverage LinkedIn-Specific Data:

  • Include LinkedIn URLs: If available, include LinkedIn URLs alongside other contact information. This significantly increases the chances of a successful match.
  • Company Page URLs: Consider including company page URLs for your target organizations. This helps LinkedIn identify connections through shared company affiliations.
  • Utilize Lead Gen Forms: Collect LinkedIn Sales Navigator leads directly into your ad platform. These leads come pre-matched with LinkedIn profiles, guaranteeing 100% match rates.

Fine-Tune Your Targeting:

  • Go beyond basic fields: Don’t limit your targeting to just names and companies. Utilize additional filters like job titles, locations, skills, and industry to refine your audience and find better matches.
  • Exclude irrelevant profiles: Exclude individuals who wouldn’t be part of your ideal audience to avoid wasted impressions and improve targeting accuracy.
  • Segment your lists: Break down your larger lists into smaller segments based on specific criteria for targeted ad campaigns and potentially higher match rates for each segment.

Bonus Tips:

  • Download test files: LinkedIn offers test file downloads to check your data quality and potential match rates before uploading your entire list.
  • Utilize B2Linked tools: Consider using B2Linked’s data enrichment and validation tools to clean and optimize your lists for maximum match rates and campaign effectiveness.
  • Stay updated: LinkedIn’s algorithms and targeting options evolve. Stay informed about new features and best practices to ensure your list upload strategies remain effective.

By following these tips and prioritizing data quality, targeted selection, and utilizing LinkedIn-specific data, you can significantly improve your match rates and unlock the full potential of your LinkedIn Ads list uploads. Remember, higher match rates translate to a more relevant audience, better ad performance, and ultimately, a more successful campaign.