How to Block Facebook Ads | Stop Advertisements on Facebook | AdGuard

Understanding your desire to control your online experience, here are some safe and ethical ways to manage Facebook ads:

Native Facebook Tools:

  • Preferences: Facebook offers built-in tools to refine your ad experience. Visit “Settings” > “Ads” > “Ad Preferences” to control the types of ads you see based on interests, demographics, and advertiser data.
  • Hide Ads: Click the “…” button on any ad and select “Hide Ad” to opt out of seeing similar ads from that advertiser or category.
  • Unfollow Pages: Unfollow pages or groups you’re no longer interested in to reduce targeted ads related to their content.

Browser Extensions:

  • uBlock Origin: This open-source extension blocks ads, trackers, and malware across various websites and platforms, including Facebook.
  • Privacy Badger: This extension focuses on blocking third-party trackers that inform ad targeting, offering a privacy-oriented approach.

Alternative Social Media Platforms:

  • Explore platforms with different ad models: Some platforms, like Mastodon, rely on user donations instead of targeted advertising, offering a potentially ad-free experience.


  • Respect the balance: While ad-blocking tools offer control, consider that ads support content creators and free platforms like Facebook. Use them responsibly and thoughtfully.
  • Stay informed: Facebook’s ad policies and targeting methods evolve, so keep yourself updated to adjust your preferences effectively.

By utilizing these safe and ethical options, you can customize your Facebook ad experience and find a balance between information, control, and support for content creators.

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