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Important Notice

Since its inception, the brand “Boost10X”, and its owners; Tony M Cyrus and Francis Vanbellen, have been victims of defamation by certain individuals, acting on their own, or most probably under one line of command. These people, foreigner(s) and Thai use their own and fake profiles to post false statements about Boost10X, Tony M Cyrus and Francis Vanbellen. It is not clear why these people are doing this, as they don’t claim any damage, nor did they mention what Boost10X has done to them personally

Clearly, their drive is to hurt the business, the brand, and the owners as individuals from false statements, gossip and insinuations against both the brand and owners.  We are fully aware of these and in no way we have acted or would any way act illegally, in-fraudulent or against any companies or persons. 

The latest false accusations have been made at the Belgian Thai Chamber of Commerce (BeLuThai), where Francis Vanbellen has been vice-president from 2012 to 2020, and at the Assumption University, where Francis Vanbellen has lectured occasionally on the topic of successful Change Management.

As seasoned businessmen and entrepreneurs, neither Tony M Cyrus nor Francis Vanbellen, have any intention to harm anyone, including the individuals spreading these false rumors. However, since this is damaging the business and their personal image, they requested these people to stop these harmful actions against Boost10X and its owners so that all could return to their own regular business.

Since such requests over a the lengthy period did not help, nor cease these harmful actions, there is no other choice but to resort to protection by law enforcement officers, where necessary actions are being taken.

Anyone having questions about the above, please contact Tony or Francis through the appropriate channels.